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 Heather Swearingen | Artisan Jeweler | Metalsmith


You're most likely here because we share a common love for unique finds, handmade treasures, and our dear Mother Earth.

Expressing yourself through what you wear, especially one of a kind or small batch items, is a part of your deeply rooted innate creative being. The connection we form with our valued possessions and the loved ones we share them with only strengthens this sense of identity. We're not here to chase fleeting trends and quick wins. We see the value in high quality craftsmanship, timeless heirloom designs, and sustainable practices. 

I've been a creative person my entire life. Growing up in craft rooms and workshops, it came natural to me when entering adulthood to seek out my own creative endeavors. One day, while perusing my local craft store, I stumbled upon a metal stamping kit and a passion bloomed like nothing I'd ever experienced before.

I found something so fascinating in the balance of forging metal with brute strength and fire in order to create a feminine, beautiful work of wearable art.

Each one of a kind piece is hand forged by me in my home studio. I put my heart and soul into my craft, which results in high quality workmanship and items that are carefully handmade to last a lifetime. I choose to separate myself not only through the quality and craftsmanship, but also through the extraordinary attention to detail and a desire to honor Mother Nature by sourcing recycled sterling silver from ethical suppliers and genuine gemstones from small family-owned businesses and lapidary artists. I hold myself and my creations to high standards so that you may come to know and rely upon a caliber of jewelry and transparency that is often missing in this day and age. I dedicate myself completely to each individual piece, while making sure no shortcuts are taken, as I truly hold a deep desire to provide beautiful, reliable, handmade jewelry.

I feel so entrusted and grateful when you choose to invest in a piece from me. I'm devoted to staying mindful in both design and quality in order to hold true to our shared values. I aspire to continue to adorn my customers in unique handcrafted jewelry for years to come and hope that each piece becomes a cherished heirloom that will be passed down as a treasured keepsake for many lifetimes over.
Thank you so much for letting me share my creative purpose with you.
Heather Louise

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