Meet the Maker

Heather Louise Jewelry


I'm Heather, a self taught metalsmith working out of my home studio in Oklahoma City, OK. I put my heart and soul into every piece, which results in high quality workmanship and items that are carefully handcrafted to last a lifetime. Each one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art is hand forged by me. I take pride in sourcing high quality recycled sterling silver from ethical suppliers and genuine gemstones from small family owned businesses and lapidary artists.

I choose to separate myself not only through the quality and craftsmanship, but also through the extraordinary attention to detail and a desire to honor Mother Nature by creating small batch, sustainable wearable art that can be cherished long after I'm gone. I hold myself and my creations to high standards so that you may come to know and rely upon a caliber of jewelry and transparency that is often missing in this day and age. I dedicate myself completely to each individual piece, while making sure no shortcuts are taken, as I truly hold a deep desire to provide beautiful -but reliable- handmade jewelry.

My shop is my outlet to inspire others and pursue my passion. I grew up in craft rooms and workshops throughout the years & dabbled in a variety of artistic avenues before finding my true calling working with gemstones and sterling silver. I have found highs and lows along the way through trial and error. Each piece I make seems to unveil another lesson worth learning.

I feel so entrusted and grateful when you choose to spend your money with me, mindful in both design and quality in order to hold true to our shared values. I aspire to continue to adorn my customers in unique handcrafted jewelry for years to come and hope that each piece becomes a cherished heirloom that will be passed down as a treasured keepsake for many lifetimes over.