Jewelry Maintenance & Polishing

Jewelry Maintenance Program

Your handmade jewelry deserves to be as flawless as the day you first welcomed it into your collection.

This complimentary Jewelry Maintenance Program is designed to ensure just that, offering you the opportunity to keep your jewelry in pristine condition year after year, becoming a timeless companion for the cherished memories you create along the way.

  • Jewelry Maintenance Program Free Inspection

    Full Inspection

    A thorough inspection to identify potential loose stones, fitting concerns, or snagging issues.

  • Jewelry Maintenance Program Polishing and cleaning


    Reviving your piece to its radiant, original luster, just as it was thoughtfully designed.

  • Free Shipping Jewelry Maintenance Program

    Free Shipping

    Shipping fees are covered both ways, with added insurance to safeguard your treasures.

How It Works

All valued VIP Members enjoy complimentary jewelry maintenance once a year for every piece purchased from Heather Louise Jewelry.

To start the process, simply fill out the form below and I'll reach out with the next steps.

The Process:

After submitting the form above, I'll personally reach out and we'll discuss the details of the jewelry you plan to send in, and if there are any specific concerns you'd like me to pay close attention to.

Carefully Package & Ship
Once we've covered the details, I'll provide you with a free shipping label along with some helpful tips for securely packing your treasured pieces for shipment. Ensuring safe transit is key to preserving the beauty of your jewelry.

Inspection and Communication
Upon receiving your jewelry, I'll conduct a thorough inspection and reach out to inform you everything made it safely to my studio.

Bring On the Sparkle!
I'll carefully bring the beauty and life back into your jewelry. Once finished, your renewed keepsakes will be promptly mailed back to you, ready to be cherished once again.

The Details:

While this service is comprehensive, it's essential to note that damages beyond normal wear and tear are not covered. I reserve the right to determine if the damage exceeds the scope of the program, and in such cases, a reasonable fee may be required to restore the piece to its original fit and finish.

Your Input Matters - I value our connection, and your involvement in the maintenance of your jewelry is paramount. I will never proceed with out-of-pocket repairs without first discussing options and obtaining your consent. Your jewelry will never be held hostage; the choice to proceed with recommended repairs is always yours.

Your cherished keepsakes deserve the utmost care, and it's my pleasure to offer this exclusive Jewelry Maintenance Program as a heartfelt token of appreciation for your continued support.