How To Shop New Collections

How To Shop New Collections

One-of-a-kind collections are periodically released in small batches. All community members are given Exclusive Early Access Shopping before the collection goes live to the public.

I always try to keep my shop stocked with plenty of beautiful keepsakes, but due to the nature of handmade jewelry, limited quantities are available and don't last long.

Ok, let's go over the details on how snag the jewels of your dreams!

Once you've signed up for shop updates, you'll get a preview the day before the collection is released as well as an alert when your early access shopping event starts. I'll be honest, shop updates can get competitive. I want to keep things as fair as possible, this means I don't reserve pieces before they become available. As much as I want everyone to be happy, in the end only one person will get that one-of-a-kind piece and since you're here, doing the prep-work, I hope it's YOU!

Follow the tips below to ensure you have the best chance

  • Sign up for text alerts to get your password and link straight to your phone! This works as an automatic reminder and truly is so much easier than searching through a crowded email inbox.
  • If texts aren't your thing, set an alarm or reminder on your phone so you don't miss the update! 
  • Add me to your email contacts and mark as ⭐️ VIP so updates don't get lost in junk mail.
  • The alert sent day of will contain the password you'll need in order to login. I'll provide a link that will take you directly to the login screen. Once you're in, shop as usual. It's that simple!

Pro Tip: If you haven't already, create an account prior to the shop update. Once you've set up a login, you can add your shipping address to ensure smooth sailing through your entire experience.

This also gives you access to start earning rewards through my Gem Rewards program.

No hassle, no fuss - all the benefits!

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