Four Reasons To Buy Handmade

Four Reasons To Buy Handmade

One of a Kind Items

Handmade items are unique one of a kind pieces so you won't have to worry about gifting or receiving something that thousands of other people have as well. They also tend to be timeless designs made with love that hold a powerful back story.


Quality Materials & Craftsmanship

Not only is your handmade item one of a kind but it is made with quality materials and craftsmanship so it will outlast mass-produced alternatives and turn into a cherished heirloom piece


Better for the Environment

Handmade is better for the environment. Products are typically made in small batches inside artists personal studios instead of large factories with excess waste


Support Small Business & Local Economy

Buying from a maker directly supports their well being and local economy instead of some CEO at a large corporation. It also helps keep traditional trade skills and crafts alive to be passed down to the next generation

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